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Operation Iron Triangle: All wrong

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Quoted from the Jag Hunter:

Chiarelli assigned the mission to his Georgia Bulldog, Mike Steele, and Steele‘s Pit bull pups. Steele figuratively starved and beat his brood revving them for a fight to the death. Steele prepared his men to die.

Then something bad happened.

The dogs of war came off their birds shootin’ at everything that moved. Sergeants like Ray Girouard recognized almost immediately something was wrong and worked furiously to restore sanity and restraint to a battle field where confusion blinded the confused.

Insurgents” hiding behind women and children. Steele and Chiarelli were had. The mission had been compromised and our guys got sucked into a politically explosive trap.”


This Staff Sergeant Ray Girourad and he is just ONE of many cases in which the military has thrown the book at soldiers for simply following their chain of command and his story goes a little like this. . .

After you read from the Jag Hunter, it is obvious that Operation Iron Triangle went terribly Wrong and that the military scrambled to cover it up like they do so many other things.

Michael Steele, a highly decorated Army Colonel, is mostly well known for two things now: Operation Gother Serpent (which resulted in the famous movie and book Black Hawk Down and for betraying his men after Operation Iron Triangle. Col. Steele was known as the “Georgia Bulldawg,” and he was known for getting his Army Ranger‘s pumped up and ready for action.  Before Operation Iron Triangle he told his soldiers,

“Guys, youare going to get shot coming off the helicopter. If you don’t get
shot, you should be surprised.”

So the four United States Army Rangers that were hung out to dry by this pompous Infantry Officer asshole pretty much told his Infantrymen that their order upon exiting the helicopter were:

1. Get Shot

2. If not shot, be surprised

3.  See #1.

Granted these are orders that any military foot soldier or military grunt has heard before. . .

Now, tell me my fellow blogger and Americans, would you get off the chopper shooting?  Or would you jump off that bitch popping off rounds in every direction?  I bet a majority of you would have your eyes closed.  Sure most of these guys had probably been in combat situations, but I have a feeling from the tone of everything that I have read so far that this was “supposedly” going to be one of the worse Iraqi strongholds they had ever come up against.  My conclusion: They were probably scared and reacting as a solider is taught to. . . By following orders. These Army Rangers jumped off the helicopter shooting in hopes that they could put off getting shot for just a few minutes, and slowly reality sunk it that the “insurgents” had bailed already. These courageous men that were out in the middle of a war zone risking their lives for the freedom of this Col. Mike Steele to sit in his air condition conduit on some cushy base in Baghdad, all so that he could hang them out to dry during court martial.

Now these poor young men not only struggle with the horrific nightmares of what they did haunting them night and day through the various symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, but they also sit in jail – The ulitmate betrayal of the country that they all so proudly and honorably went to war for.

I personally think that this is fucked up and we need to fix our system.

Until next time,

❤ – The Chaotic Questioner – ❤


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