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Free Comic Book Day 2009!!!!

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Free Comic

Book Day



I ❤ Free Stuff!!!

And I know that most of you probably love free stuff as much as I do! LoL.  Anyway, mostly free stuff is boring shit, but this is actually pretty exciting!  Apparently. . . There is an annual tradition of handing out Free Comic Books on the First Saturday of May, in order to encourage people to buy comics! Even Hugh Jackman is talking about Free Comic Book Day 2009,  as well as a preview of his new movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine! Check it out (I embedded the video for your viewing pleasure!).

You should totally go get your Free Comic Book from your local comic dealer, because I think it’s a really neat gimmick if nothing else!!

Anyway, Just wanted to share this with you all!

Till next time,

❤ – The Chaotic Questioner – ❤