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Sgt. Erik Roberts: Wounded in Combat then forgotten. . .

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“I put my life on the line and I was wounded in combat, and I came back and they’re [the military/the government/the veteran’s affairs hospital] not going to take care of my medical bills?” – Army Sgt Erik Roberts, in an interview with CNN.

Erik Roberts

According to CNN news:

“On April 25, 2006, at 1:13 a.m., roadside bombs blasted a convoy in western Baghdad escorted by members of the 101st Airborne C/1-33 Cavalry, wounding Sgt. Erik Roberts, Spc. AJ Jefferson and Sgt. Luke Murphy – changing their lives forever.”

So Sgt. Roberts received injuries in Iraq that lead to an infection that could have caused this young man to loose his leg, but the Department of Veterans Affairs decided that Erik Roberts should have instead waited, for only God knows how long, to have had the surgery on his leg that saved him from having the limb be amputated. Now, let that sink in.  This 27 year old war veteran, newly retired out of the Army for injuries received in IRAQ, while fighting a war that the United States Army sent him to, had to make the decision of whether or not the high chances of him loosing his leg was more important, or not, than the VA‘s need for him to follow the correct bureaucratic bullshit process.

I can not believe that war veterans are being treated like this.  If you are wounded in combat serving OUR country, you should receive the proper care of your health for the rest of your life, no questions asked.

If you are interested and want to read more about this incredibly unbelievable story you can find it and the video clip of talking about the entire event on Sgt. Erik Roberts CNN.

What I found hilarious about this situation is that even though the Veterans Affairs Hospital had fought Sgt. Roberts vehemently, as soon as he went public with CNN the VA decided to pay for everything Roberts needed. Funny, huh? All the Wounded Warrior‘s need to step out and speak up!


On a side note that goes along with this post:

I currently believe that the United States Government based Veterans Affairs is running some sort of scandal and I plan on documenting every case that I find of a war veteran being fucked over by the government that they served.  I will be continually adding things that I find unbelievable about government treatment of war veterans.  If you are someone that has been fucked over by the VA Hospital or United States Military or if you know someone in a horrible situation, please feel free to Email Me your story along with any pictures that you would like to see posted.  I am dedicated to attempting to spread the word as much as possible!  I am especially interested in bringing out all of the stories from the Iraq War and Afghanistan War.