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Twitter: A security Threat?

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Hello fellow blogg-a-teers! ❤  🙂

I spend a lot of time online because of my job, so sometime I get bored.  Well we all know that boredom and only lead to odd things.  I randomly came across this web article about a CONGRESSMAN that had felt the need to tweet his CLASSIFIED trip Iraq on the now popular social network  I can not believe that someone would do this AND be allowed to get away with it.

First off, why did this guy not use his brain?

Well, there could be many reasons, but that is not actually the important point I am going to get to.  I mean, seriously, it is basically text messaging that the whole WORLD can see.  I am guessing that even terrorist can probably read since they learned how to fly plans and work their way through security in order to follow through with their terrorist attack on 9/11.  And, unless everyone is in complete denial, 9/11 (911) is something of significance in the USA.  So, apparently, terrorist can be at least of mild intelligence.   This is why it does not make any sense to me when we forecast things such as top secret or classified trips or missions, troop surges and a number of other topics on not only American Television News, but also on various social networking sites / internet!

Secondly, why was it so important to tweet is his SECRET trip to Iraq?

There appears to be a trend of “twitter flitters” becoming “quitters.”  Apparently, everyone is signing on for all the rage of twitter, only to become bored.  Well, what else did you expect from glorified internet-base text messaging?  The American population is driving by constant stimulation. If you need an example flip on your television. . . No, go ahead.  Now watch a full segment of whatever TV show is on (the part between commercial’s that you actually want to see normally).  Now did you notice that the scenes of that one short segment changed pretty rapidly? Why is this? To keep people interested, because we (Americans) get bored extremely easy.  So why, exactly, has twitter become the new “in” thing to do?


Anyway, I really do wish that people, ALL PEOPLE, would just use their brain or at least their prior learning history to make better decisions before blabbing to everyone!

Till my next rant comes up!

❤ – The Chaotic Questioner – ❤